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Welcome to my online photography gallery. Please enjoy your visit.

Here I present some of my favorite work in serveral subject genres, found in the Portfolio section. I enjoy finding the unusual view of the subjects in front of my lens. I constantly challenge myself to think outside the box and strive to find that undiscovered image.

I also make my event photography available in the Galleries section. If you are here looking for photos from an event I photographed, this is the place to look. If you need more information regarding an event you saw me at, or want me to photograph an event for you, please visit the Contact page.

I regularly add new photos to the site, so please take advantage of the RSS & ATOM feed links found at the bottom of the main pages. You can also check on the site news page, which has its own feeds available. If you are on FaceBook, click the link below to see my page there; it automatically receives all RSS feeds from this site and you will see update notifications on your news feed.

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by Chris Laudermilk
Mar 02, 2013
Chris Laudermilk updated gallery '2013-02-24 - Shimmy Showcase'

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